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Anatole Mallet     "Archeology is honored in every domain, except for building processes and arts; We know more details about the Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations that about the origins of our industries. Universities chairs exists for each History segment except for History of technical applications of sciences."

Anatole Mallet, introduction of his book "L'évolution pratique de la machine à vapeur" published in 1908.

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Compound locomotives, How & why

Brief historical information on the multiple expansion in general

Condensed technical history of French and foreign pre-Chapelon compound locomotive designers whose work led to the "du Bousquet-de Glehn" French standard arrangement for compound locomotives


Gaston du Bousquet

André Chapelon

Anatole Mallet

Featured locomotives

Illustrated index of the French locomotives introduced - acces to galleries, technical data, historcal notices, ...

Technical data index

Index of technical drawings and graphs, indicator diagrams, ...

Builders of locomotives and related industries




Short history and description of railroad companies in France

Typically French accessories visible on pics, for those who are curious

Audio files

Downloadable documents

Images of depots, sheds, crews, workshops...

A few words about French numbering systems

Glossary of french acronyms used

Live steam models of french locomotives


Steam locomotive basics for beginners and children


Favourites links about steam:



Other links of interest to me...

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