Live steam models of french locomotives

Of course, the first introduced model is an amazing 1/5th scale Chapelon P.O. Pacific...

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Of course also, she has been built by an English enthusiast of Chapelon's locomotives! I highly suggest you to visit the website of The Stappleford railway to learn more about her and their other very fine models representing locomotives of many continents. Un grand bravo, Neil. I'll ask you soon if you allow me to put some of the technical details you have sent to me on these pages.

1/10th Scale model of 231-501 of the Chemins de fer de l'Etat

Built in 1928-29 by the apprentices of various schools of this network, it's a strict replica of the original down to the smallest part... This marvel had been lent to Czechoslovakia for an exhibition in March 1939, a few month before the begining of World War II...  and has disapeared since its first days. May be does it exisits yet, stored in any dark and deep warehouse somewhere in eastern Europe. Any information about it??


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