Gaston du Bousquet

Although those were not themodynamics marvels his locomotives were remarkably well engineered, featured an increased L.P. engine efficiency and their architecture I'll detail elsewhere became what was called "Du Bousquet - De Glehn" or French type compound, used on all types of French compound before André Chapelon designs, and after by others designers.

Ten-Wheels, Baltic

Du Bousquet's Ten-Wheel, his most  known serie.   Introduced in 1908 
Proof of their qualities, they remained in service 
during more than 60 years! 
Du Bousquet's BALTIC featuring water tubes boiler. 
Many types of very advanced and excellent performers tank engines. The pictured type was tested for acceleration against electric automotive units (Sprague units of Paris underground Railways) and proven to be very superior.
Unusual tandem 4 cylinders compound configuration 
for those 


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