Nord, Est and one German(?!) Chapelon Pacifics
Version of the Cie. du Nord; This unit is a brand new one, coming from the batch built in 1936 by the Compagnie Blanc-Misseron, or Ateliers du Nord de la France.
The strangest Chapelon: D.R. 07-10001, the ex - S.N.C.F. 2 - 231 E 18, ex - Nord 3.1188, built for the Nord by the workshops of Tours using parts of the 3557 of the P.O., "captured" by the Germans during (and for) their retreat and never given back to the France, seen here in 1952 in Berlin. Photo Z.B.D.R.
Deeply transformed this time, the D.R. 07-10001 again in the depot of Dresden-Altstadt 1955. In my opinion, this locomotive is the absolute proof that poppet valves compound locomotives are very economical. How could a unique machine, moreover so different from the other engines operated by this railway, have been kept so long otherwise??
231 - 067 of the Compagnie de l'Est in Paris la Vilette in the thirties. Smoke deflectors "type Léguille" typical of the Est. Photo from the archives of the S.N.C.F.

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